Waterfront menu


Calalloo & Cheese Dip
With garlic herbed crostini
US $6.00
Spicy Peel & Eat Shrimp
Shell-on in a light scotch bonnet sauce. A local tradition. Serves two
US $16.00
Crispy Calamari Rings
Golden-fried & served with smoked pepper mayonnaise.
US $10.00
Chicken Wings
Golden fried (original) & hand tossed.
US $17.00
Pier 1 Sampler Platter
Chicken Wings, Calamari Rings, Ackee wontons &.Jamaican Flatbread (serves 4)
US $22.00
Smoked Marlin On Toast
With scotch bonnet pepper, capers & onions
US $7.00
Salmon Cake
Two pan-seared salmon cakes with red beet aioli.
US $8.00
Ackee Wontons
A twist on our National dish with spicy scotch bonnet-soy dipping sauce.
US $5.00
Spicy Hummus Dip
With pressed green plantain rounds.
US $5.00
Grilled Mini-Pizza
US $8.00
Saltfish Fritters
Fried & served with spicy escoveitched sauce. A Jamaican favorite.
US $5.00
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Pier1 on the Waterfront is not taking any reservations for the next 2 days but the Pier1 on the Beach is open

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