Blackened Salmon with Pepper Jelly
Dusted in spicy creole seasonings and hard seared, served with pepper jelly.
US $26.00
Curry Goat
Local mutton slow cooked in West Indian Curry
US $18.00
Fried Fish Filet
US $19.00
Grilled Conch
Tender conch seasoned with jerk spices and grilled to perfection
US $18.00
Jerk Chicken
Juicy chicken quarters seasoned with special jerk spices and slow cooked over wood fire.
US $13.00
Jerk Pork
Juicy pork seasoned with special jerk herbs and spices and slow cooked over wood fire
US $18.00
Pier 1 Sautéed Lobster Tail
SEASONAL - Chunks of Caribbean lobster tail sauteed in a garlic-lime butter sauce with a touch...
US $35.00
Shrimp Your Way
Fried, Garlic, Curry
US $20.00
Whole Fish
Escoveitch, Brown-stew, Steam. Allow 20 minutes
US $18.00 US $42.00
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Pier1 on the Waterfront is not taking any reservations for the next 2 days but the Pier1 on the Beach is open

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